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OPEX Model (Build-Own-Operate)

CleanMax Solar pioneered and introduced the “OPEX Model” which is also known as ‘Energy Sale’ model in Indian solar Industry in 2012. Today, this solar energy solution has successfully installed 470+ projects for 130+ corporates across both On-site solar as well as private solar farms.

On-site Solution

Our On-site solar energy solutions are pay-as-you-go model, where corporates pay for solar electricity at a rate lower than grid tariffs – in fact, up to 20-40% cheaper.
As there is zero investment, there is no capex and none of the associated performance risks either. This translates into considerable savings forcompanies, which is also risk-free. Our team will take care of the entire operation and maintenance for the 25-year life of the system. All you need to do is sign a Power Purchase Agreement, and sit back and enjoy the benefits.

On-site Solution

Solar Farm (Open Access)

In 2015, we introduced this OPEX model in our private solar farms business. Today we have a network of private farms in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, through which supplies large corporates with clean energy as per their needs. This Solar farm energy solution has zero upfront investment and as with all our on-site solar solutions, you will get power which is 20-40% cheaper than prevailing grid electricity tariffs. All you need to do is sign a long-term Power Purchase Agreement and leave the rest to us.

Solar Farm (Open Access)

Maximizing Solar Power Output

At CleanMax Solar, whichever model you choose, we are committed to delivery maximum solar performance, thanks to our proprietary remote monitoring system. This collects relevant information from all our solar plants and feeds it to our integrated monitoring and maintenance platform, which allows us to:

Recognise and diagnose maintenance problems rapidly

Dispatch an experienced engineer to address the specific issue

Remotely reset the equipment, if required

Assess plant performance

Provide real-time energy performance data to our customers

Generate customized plant performance reports automatically

Additionally, as part of our private solar farm vertical, we also offer captive or group captive models, wherein consumers can own generating capacity inside one of our solar farms and get the maximum benefit of the Open Access model, over and above other tax and financial benefits.


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